One Source for Office 产品 Resellers

太阳城真钱官网 helps office products and business supplies resellers compete and win. Our partners know they can count on 太阳城真钱官网 for brand name imaging products, a huge selection of imaging consumables, reliable nationwide distribution, powerful business growth 服务, and the experienced support they need to win more.

Partnership Highlights

  • 网上购物
  • 品牌产品
  • 巨大的选择
  • Real Time Availability Views
  • Nationwide 分布
  • 技术支持
  • Industry Specific 销售 培训
  • Experienced Account Managers

Huge Product Selection

Our goal is to provide 太阳城真钱官网 customers with a distribution partner they can trust to fulfill their business needs accurately and effectively. We strive to build a meaningful partnership with every reseller through our diverse selection of products, 太阳城真钱下注, 解决方案, 服务, and technical support.



  • Real-Time Inventory Pricing through eStorefront
  • Same Day Shipping from 5 Nationwide 分布 Centers
  • Committed Personal Account Executive and 销售 Team
  • Comprehensive Outsourcing and Drop-Shipment Solutions
  • Pre-Configured or Custom-Configured Product Bundling
View 分布 Locations
  • Gov/Ed, Healthcare, Enterprise Bid Desk
  • MPS Fulfillment Center
  • Automated Transaction Capabilities (EDI, XML, FTP, etc.)
  • Experienced 技术支持 Department
  • Active Supplier with Many B2B Online Solutions


  • Net Terms (Net 30 Days with credit approval)
  • Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • 鳕鱼
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Leasing (Great America Leasing/LEAF Now/Marlin Leasing/DLL/GE Capital)
  • eInvoicing


太阳城真钱官网's experienced and dedicated technical support technicians are available to assist all active customers with support and service via toll-free support number.

Technical support can be obtained at (800) 887-3040 ext 2012 or 2018 between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday or via our technical support form.



  • 客户服务
  • 客户支持
  • 返回的指导方针
  • 运输指南
  • Shipping Center Specifications
  • 技术支持
  • Shipping Methods/Terms

Manufacturer Warranties

  • 太阳城真钱下注 Manufacturer
  • 教育 & 培训
  • 常见问题解答
  • Manufacturer Support Portals

Nationwide 分布

太阳城真钱官网 provides 5 state-of-the-art national distribution dealers can count on.

Our network of national distribution centers strategically located in 加州, 伊利诺斯州, 乔治亚州, 宾西法尼亚, and 德州 provide rapid ground delivery service to almost every delivery point in the United States. Same-day shipments are provided on orders placed into late afternoon and we pride ourselves on the most accurate of order fulfillment deliveries. Blind drop-ship programs also allow today’s small business owner the ability to ship products directly to their end-user customer without having to take on the burden of warehousing products.

2019 太阳城真钱官网 分布 Map


销售 & 分布 Center
560 W. 曼维街 康普顿,CA 90220 1- 免费


分布 Center
12662 International Parkway 达拉斯,TX 75228 1- 免费


销售 & 分布 Center
1616 S. 湖边开 沃基根,60085 1- 免费


销售 & 分布 Center
5357 Royal Woods Pkwy 塔克,GA 30084 1- 免费


425 E. 箭头开车 Charlotte, NC 28213 1- 免费


分布 Center
2404年葛底斯堡路. 套一个 Camp Hill, PA 17011 1- 免费


More Than Just Imaging 产品

As a true “One-Stop” distribution partner, 太阳城真钱官网 prides itself on providing complimentary business products your customers may be looking for.

  • 扫描设备
  • 完成的产品
  • 碎纸机
  • 计算器
  • 时间的时钟
  • 收银机
  • 打字机

As we welcome all our customers coming from our sister distributors at Carolina Wholesale and Digitek to the new 太阳城真钱官网, we thank you for your continued loyalty and partnership.

If you’re not a customer yet, we invite you to experience what a super distributor can do for your business. Click here if you wish to register to become an 太阳城真钱官网 dealer or feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-.